Common problems in the operation of grain dryers


Grain dryers are the main machinery and equipment for g […]

Grain dryers are the main machinery and equipment for grain storage. In the developed countries such as the United States and Germany, the mechanization level of cereal dryers is above 95%, and they are both energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The temperature in autumn is relatively humid, and the moisture content of rice, corn and other food crops is relatively high. Without drying, it is difficult to achieve safe moisture in winter, and it will not be able to be stored and put on the market. At present, the common problems in the operation of cereal dryers are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


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1. The thermal efficiency is relatively low, waste heat is difficult to recover and reuse, and the temperature of the exhaust gas is relatively high.
2. During the drying process of grain, the generated corn crumbs will be directly discharged into the air, causing serious air pollution.
3. The structure of some grain dryers is unreasonable and has certain birth defects.
4. There is no desulfurization device in the hot blast stove. During the coal combustion process, harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide will be directly discharged into the air.
5. The concept of grain drying is relatively backward, too much emphasis on drying output, while ignoring the energy saving and environmental protection effects of grain dryers. In response to these problems, it is necessary to test and design the grain dryer to achieve energy-saving and environmental protection on the basis of ensuring the efficiency of grain drying.