Technical Characteristics of Mixed Flow Dryer


Mixed-flow dryer is equipped with ventilation box (or c […]

Mixed-flow dryer is equipped with ventilation box (or corner tube). Under the action of gravity, the passage between the ventilation boxes of grain flows slowly from top to bottom. Hot air enters the dryer from the intake box, then flows through the grain layer to the exhaust box of Zhou State, and becomes exhaust gas from the exhaust box to the outside of the dryer. The flow direction of air in the drying machine is a mixed flow process, which includes four forms: downstream, countercurrent, funnel drying and soothing. Mixed-flow dryer has smaller grain layer, smaller fan momentum, less power consumption and larger air flow. The heating temperature of grain is an alternating process, so it can make the higher wind temperature, not damage the grain, not drop, etc. At the same time, it is more suitable for serialized production. Combining different standard sections can meet the requirements of different precipitation and different output. Mixed-flow dryer generally uses multi-stage drying, using different temperature range, can achieve a large amount of precipitation of grain. The precipitation rate of each stage is not more than 6%. The drying medium temperature is 100-160 C and the thickness of grain layer is 200-300 mm. The dryer is all steel structure, easy to install and easy to operate.