Dryers For The Grain Industry


The grain industry uses a dryer to remove part or all o […]

The grain industry uses a dryer to remove part or all of the moisture in the wet material. The dehumidified material is usually composed of various dry frameworks (dry materials) and liquid wet parts. Different wet materials have different physical, chemical, structural mechanics and biochemical properties. There should be no shortage of drying equipment used in the grain industry, because in most cases, the harvest season is the rainy season and the role of the drying mechanism needs to be exerted.


Agricultural Corn Drying Equipment(HG-500T Rice Dryer)


In areas where there is a lot of grain production, the drying workload is large during the drying season, which reflects the work efficiency of the dryer industry in the grain industry. It is necessary to use the dryer in the grain industry according to the actual situation. Slow down the flow of materials, increase the inventory of dryer materials used in the grain industry, extend the residence time of materials in the accelerated drying belt, and make the material curtain and hot air flow, materials and body devices, materials and materials fully heat exchange.


The quality inspection of the unit product is to measure the quality characteristic value of the product through some detection methods, and compare the measurement result with the technical standard of the product to judge whether the product is qualified. In order to extend the service life of the feed pipe of the dryer in the grain industry, the inclined slide pipe can be changed to the form of "straight pipe + lower trough plate". The bottom is the inclined slag board, which is connected with the straight pipe blanking. Since many unit operations are completed on the same equipment, the product quality is improved. Therefore, there is no problem of product pollution, and the product purity is high. Then tilt the material into the grain industry dryer.


In addition to the appearance factors of different quality, the mechanical equipment such as dryers for the grain industry shows that the technology content is high and the use effect is obvious. This is what each of our users hopes to achieve, so that we use the specific use of drying equipment in the food industry. We achieved our goal in the process, so this is the result of our choice.