Grain dryer is a good helper for agricultural economic development


In the past, the drying of food mainly relied on natura […]

In the past, the drying of food mainly relied on natural sunlight to turn over the sun or on the road, which was a waste of manpower and material resources. The application of the grain dryer, in addition to effectively preventing the loss caused by continuous rain and other disastrous weather and ensuring the increase of grain income, compared with natural drying, it also has the advantages of simplicity, high efficiency and reduced labor burden. It can be said that the grain dryer has brought great convenience to the agricultural economy.


High Quality Agricultural Rice Drying HG-500T Wheat Dryer Machine


First of all, it is clear that the grain dryer has made an indelible contribution to China's agricultural economy. The specific performance is that the grain dryer can target the physical characteristics of soybean, coarse grains, and cereal dietary fiber-fiber products, which have strong Hydrophilic, at the same time, the initial moisture of the material is higher than 75%.


The grain dryer will not produce any harmful substances during the drying process, and there will be no smoke or open flame during the drying process. The temperature and humidity can be modulated according to the characteristics of the dried materials, and the degree of intelligence is high. The entire system operates without the flammability that may exist in traditional dryers (fuel oil, gas or electric heating). No special person is needed to watch the drying process. After the material is baked or the drying temperature is reached, the unit will automatically stop to achieve energy saving effect.


Overall, the drying time of the grain dryer is short, and the drying is uniform, thereby improving the quality, storability and processability of the grain, which is greatly welcomed by the countryside and farmers.