How to deal with the sudden shutdown of the dryer


The dryer has high drying efficiency, low energy consum […]

The dryer has high drying efficiency, low energy consumption, and few failures are its main advantages. Generally speaking, the sudden shutdown of equipment in production is not a quality problem of parts. How should we deal with this situation?


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1. If the machine stops unexpectedly during the production of the dryer, it should be judged immediately whether it is caused by a power failure. If it is all the control buttons or switches should be turned off to prevent a sudden call, causing equipment damage or worker casualties.


2. It is not caused by power failure, you need to check the circuit or supporting equipment one by one, whether the power distribution cabinet, motor and fan circuit are normal.


3. If the fault cannot be confirmed or eliminated within a short time, the hot blast stove needs to be turned off and cooled down.


4. Adjust the control buttons of the supporting equipment of the dryer to the off state. After the equipment has completely cooled down, it can be further eliminated to avoid burns.