• How To Reduce Grain Drying Costs

    How To Reduce Grain Drying Costs

    As mentioned in the previous posts, that grain drying could be accomplished by utilization of high-pressure fans without heat. Other drying equipment utilizes natural gas or propane for heat and electricity to power fans to move the heated air through the drying system. Both types of systems dry gra... read more

    Oct 19,2019 Industry News
  • The Goal Of Rice Drying

    The Goal Of Rice Drying

    The goal of rice drying is to reduce its moisture content to meet the recommended levels for safe, long-term storage. When placed in bins, rice should be dried quickly to a moisture level of about 12% to minimize any quality deterioration. Rice drying can be accomplished in bins by blowing large vol... read more

    Oct 28,2019 Industry News
  • Useful Corn Drying Tips

    Useful Corn Drying Tips

    As combines start to roll this fall, many growers are firing up grain dryers or cleaning out bin fans, in preparation for a wetter-than-normal crop of corn and soybeans.   With corn and soybeans hitting full maturity two weeks or more later than usual, chances are good that many northern grower... read more

    Nov 09,2019 Industry News
  • The Band Dryer And Its Applications

    The Band Dryer And Its Applications

    The band dryer is the typical continuous convection heat transfer type of dryer, which has been improved and modified over many years. This is a hot air type of dryer, where the materials are placed on a band conveyor (steel or perforated plate, etc.) and are dried by hot air as they move through th... read more

    Nov 14,2019 Industry News