Rice Dryer Is Ideal Drying Equipment


Rice, depending on the cultivar and growing region, is […]

Rice, depending on the cultivar and growing region, is typically harvested at 14%–24% moisture content on a wet basis. Soon after harvest, rice needs to be dried to ~12.5% moisture content (MC) to minimize respiration rates and to inhibit microbial and insect growth. Dried rough rice is stored, then dehulled and typically milled before consumption or processing to other products.


Agricultural Rice Drying Equipment(HG-200T Rice Dryer)


The rice drying methods use traditional and mechanical systems with different technological complexity and capacities for either on-farm or off-farm commercial operations.


Rice dryer is ideal drying equipment to dry corn grain. Rice is put into the top by bucket elevator, through the feeding device, to ensure that the equipment during operation is always in full loading condition.


Induced draft fan introduce cleaning hot air into the inside of the tower body, through the drying section so that rice can be mixed with cleaning hot air, a majority of dried air can be recycled. Water vapor is discharged from the exhaust system.