Rotary Dryers Are Chosen By Industry


Rotary dryers are chosen by industry for their dependab […]

Rotary dryers are chosen by industry for their dependability and low cost. Not only are they rugged, but they are also a reliable method for producing consistent product when feedstock may vary. In addition, rotary dryers allow for zones within the drum to perform multiple processes. For example, a single rotary drum may include a zone for drying and a later zone for classifying.

Whether as an individual system or in combination with other units, the rotary dryers are ideal for drying and preheating fine-grained and lumpy materials.

They can be used for product-specific processing by switching between a counterflow through varying the temperature of the supplied hot gas.

If required, the rotary dryer can be combined with a screen in the discharge device in order to split the product into different particle size fractions.

Reliable machines for high throughputs and ideal for drying and especially for opening up difficult materials and, optionally, for preheating.