Rotary Dryers Are Extremely Versatile


Rotary dryers are often described as the workhorses of […]

Rotary dryers are often described as the workhorses of the thermal processing industry. These industrial dryers are used to efficiently reduce the moisture content for a variety of materials across many different industries.


A rotary dryer is comprised of a large rotating cylindrical tube (called the drum), through which drying air is passed (referred to as a direct rotary dryer).

Rotary dryers accommodate high capacities and allow for continuous operation; damp material is constantly being fed into the machine at one end, while dried material comes out of the other end.


Rotary dryers are extremely versatile, and can be used for a wide variety of applications in the building materials, mineral, fertilizer, and chemical industries. They are commonly used for drying materials such as frac sand, limestone, gypsum, potash, ores, and more.


Rotary dryers in general are an excellent choice, because they are not complex to operate, and will turn out a uniform product. Well-constructed rotary dryers can process hundreds of tons of materials per hour and often last for decades. They operate most efficiently on a continuous basis, because it takes less energy to maintain a certain temperature within the rotary dryer than it does to repeatedly bring it back up to temperature for another shift.