Rotary Dryers Are Most Common Types Of Industrial Dryer


Rotary dryers are one of the most common types of indus […]

Rotary dryers are one of the most common types of industrial dryer, utilised for large quantities of material with particles of size 10 mm or larger.

Rotary dryer shell tube acts as body to transfer the wet feedstock and number of steam heated tubes are placed symmetrically around the perimeter and rotate with it. Wet material is fed into the upper end of dryer and the material travels through it by virtue of rotation and slope of the shell and dried product is picked as the lower end. The feed rate, speed of rotation of shell, the volume of heated air or gases, and their temperature are so regulated such that by the time material reaches to discharge point of rotary dryer it’s accurately dried.

Rotary dryer performs due role in complete drying process, 1) as a conveyor, carrying/ moving material from feed end to discharge end 2) as heating/ drying device. Movement of material within the dryer is influenced by the lifting, cascade action, sliding and bouncing.