Short drying time for grain dryers may not be efficient


At present, our country's grain dryer market is still v […]

At present, our country's grain dryer market is still very popular. my country is a big agricultural country, and with the increasing support of government subsidies at all levels, the market space is huge and the market scale is developing rapidly.


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The drying process of rice and other food crops is a very complicated quantitative change process, which is determined by the physical and physiological characteristics of the grain itself. The curve of the time taken by the professional technicians to evaporate the grain moisture almost coincides with the parabola.


In layman's terms, when the grain's own moisture is between 20% and 30%, the average hourly water can drop by 1-2 percentage points or more; when the grain's own moisture drops to between 15% and 20%, the average The water drop per hour may be between 0.3% and 1%; when the moisture of the grain itself is below 15%, the evaporation of water per hour may be lower.


In order to ensure the quality of the dried grain, the regular dryer manufacturers use electronic information technology to control the heat to realize that the dryer can gradually fall according to the above parabola. If the drying time (commonly known as "precipitation rate") is pursued blindly, the quality of the baked food will inevitably shrink greatly. Not only the bursting rate and broken rice rate are high, but also the color is turbid, and the appearance and nutritional value will also be affected.