The Band Dryer And Its Applications


The band dryer is the typical continuous convection hea […]

The band dryer is the typical continuous convection heat transfer type of dryer, which has been improved and modified over many years.

This is a hot air type of dryer, where the materials are placed on a band conveyor (steel or perforated plate, etc.) and are dried by hot air as they move through the drying chamber.

In general, the band dryer forcibly passes hot air through the gaps in the material layers to dry the material.

A wide range of materials can be dried.

1. Granular food (crackers, snacks, etc.), instant noodles, agricultural produce, chemical products, pods,beans, pigments, dyes, resins, fertilizers, etc.
2. Regularly shaped construction materials (boards, rock wool boards, calcium silicate boards, plywood boards, etc.); also IC boards, automobile parts, electrical parts, mechanical parts, etc.
3. Thixotropic materials
4. Fibrous materials
5. Adhesive or cohesive materials
6. Other materials such as irregularly shaped materials or filtered sludge cake can be used after applying a forming machine or granulator.
Also usable for heat treatment such as sterilization, glazing or curing.