The Tube Bundle Dryer Is A Contact Dryer


The Tube Bundle Dryer is a contact dryer built as a rot […]

The Tube Bundle Dryer is a contact dryer built as a rotating drum with internal lifting shovels and a heating surface which is designed as tubes bundles heated by steam.

The drying takes place when the wet product led into the rotating drum is lifted by the internal shovels and distributed over the steam heated tubes.

The product is conveyed by gravity within the dryer. The product is then blended and slid towards the outlet by the rotary movement of the dryer.

The Tube Bundle Dryer is based on the conduction mode for drying. The product to be heated and dried only contacts steam heated tubes, and not directly steam. Tube bundles are operated on the counter-flow principle (i. e. steam flows in the direction opposite t0 the direction of the material flow).

The Tube Bundle Dryers are designed by considering the wet and dry product flow characteristics, lump crust formation tendency and thermal sensitivity of the material in dry condition.

In the Tube bundle Dryer the tubes are arranged in a circumferential manner on the inner periphery of the rotating shell.