The Tube Bundle Dryer Is A Rotary Drum


The tube bundle dryer is a rotary drum internally equip […]

The tube bundle dryer is a rotary drum internally equipped with steam or thermal oil heated tubes, so hot gas circulation is not required. This results in a very high thermal efficiency and a minimal flow of exhaust steam needing to be treated.

It is especially suitable for large flows of products which require medium to long residence times. Highly flexible, the tube bundle dryer easily adapts to changes in operation and is of very robust construction.

Excellent product treatment, uniform drying without lumps.

Adjusted thermal consumption: easy recovery of most of the steaming energy from condensation and solvents.
Reduced exhaust vapors treatment costs: its design reduces significantly the exhaust vapors treatment costs.
Robustness and long service life: engineered to reduce tension within the equipment
Adaptability: the design of each tube bundle dryer is customised to fit the product and customer’s needs.
Easy to maintain: the voluminous steam chamber is fully accessible, making maintenance or repairs easier.