Tube Bundle Dryer Is Indirect Contact Dryer


Tube bundle dryer is indirect contact dryer. The steam […]

Tube bundle dryer is indirect contact dryer. The steam heated tube bundle rotates slowly in a stationary housing, the shovels elevate the product to be dried and convey axially throughout the dryer. Product gets in contact with heated tubes and dried.

Variety of products can be dried in the tube bundle dryer which are non sticky, free flowing and non clogging. Depending upon application product recycling can be used for free flowing. The length, diameter & spacing of the tubes, shovel arrangements are designed depending upon production application.

Steam heat drying tube at first, material get into shell body, drying tube rotated by motor, meanwhile, stir fry and push materials, the wet steam will be discharged to outdoor by draught fan.

Widely used in loose unheat-sensitive material of chemical industry, light industry, food, grain, fodder, breed aquatics and so on, like powdery, granulated, sheet slight viscous material.

Main features:

Rugged construction
Low steam consumption
Compact design with minimal consumable parts
High moisture evaporation
Variety of material can be dried
Capability to adjust drying time depending upon product application
Low maintenance & easy installation.