What are the benefits of grain dryer


Every year when the grain is ripe, it is when the grain […]

Every year when the grain is ripe, it is when the grain dryer is busy. When there was no dryer in the past, people used sun drying grains to complete the dehydration of grains to avoid moldy and spoilage of grains, but that way is more restricted. If there is sudden heavy rain, it will be for the owner of the grains. Sadly reminded.


But after you have a grain dryer, you don't have to worry about these problems anymore, you don't have to get up early to dry the millet, and you don't have to be busy until midnight to harvest the millet. As long as the grains are placed in the grain dryer for drying, the grains can be dried for storage in a short time.


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In addition, after using the grain dryer, the grain can be dried no matter the weather is fine or rainy, and the grain can be dried in time and then processed for the next step. It can be sold or further processed, which saves a lot of time, does it bring a lot of convenience to everyone?


What are the problems that still exist in the grain dryer?


Grain dryers play a more important role in China's agricultural production, especially in the drying of some rice and wheat. Grain dryers can be said to be very important. Although the performance of cereal dryers in all aspects is now said Quite good, but there may be some problems.


1. Safety issues, many grain dryers still have some safety issues, such as leakage of belts, bearings, baffles, etc. These may be some safety hazards Long-term operation is unfavorable.


2. Stability problem, when the grain dryer is in operation, its stability is worth everyone's attention. If the stability is insufficient, it will cause frequent problems with the grain dryer. Therefore, in order to buy a grain dryer At the time, it should pay attention to its stability.