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HCG Series Rotary Dryer

HCG Series Rotary Dryer

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HCG Series Rotary Dryers characteristics:

Volumetric heat transfer coefficient is 1.5-5 times of rotary parallel flow drier, up to 300-1500kcal/cm.C h, theheat efficiency is high.

The drying time is short, the staying time of material may be inherently regulated, moisture content is easy tocontrol.

The granularity of material remains intact.

The retention rate of material is 20-25%.

The operation is stable, reliable, easy and convenient.

Type Cylinder diameter Air supply area Volume Contour dimension (length*width*height) Power consumption
HCG-30 960mm 1.93 1.61 5500 x 5500 x 3950 15.75
HCG-60 960mm 3.87 3.22 8000 x 5500 x 4000 27.5
HCG-90 960mm 5.86 4.84 12000 x 5500 x 4050 43.2
HCG-120 960mm 7.74 6.46 14500 x 5500 x 4100 55.7

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